Pieter Fiers

Student Applied Informatics



UCLL, Leuven - Prof. Bach. Applied Informatics

2018 -

KU Leuven, Leuven​ - Industrial engineering

2017 - 2018 (incomplete)

Scheppersinstituut ASO, Mechelen - Wetenschappen-Wiskunde

2011 - 2017


Open Summer of Code - Student Job - osoc.be

July 2020

Open Summer of Code is a 4-week summer programme focused on building open source projects of public utility. Commissioned by Brussels Mobility, my team and I built Cyclofix: A solution to map, present and integrate cycling infrastructure in Brussels.

i-Force, Aalst - Student Job - ​i-force.be

September 2019

Student job at i-Force, a fraud and digital forensics company. During my time here I created tools to aid in data recovery and processing for servers affected by a cyber attack. I also gained practical experience with Palo Alto Firewalls and Kerberos.

NERF (IMEC), Leuven - Internship - nerf.be

September 2018

Internship at NERF (Neuro-Electronics Research Flanders) FarrowLab, during which I made “Kinect Mouse Tracker”, a computer vision application to track a mouse’s position in real-time using depth information.


Please do check out more than ten of my projects in detail and with links to their respective git repositories and/or site on ​pfiers.net/projects​.

These include Android apps in Java & Kotlin, modern and responsive websites using technologies like Typescript, Vue.js etc., and embedded systems programmed in C++.



As an undergraduate student I'm specialising in systems and networks, so this one's kind of a given.

I like analysing the inner workings of systems and hardening the security of my own software projects. And I always keep the thought of how a system could be abused and how to protect it in the back of my mind, even when creating a one-off protocol or a server application After all, a little déformation professionnelle never hurt anyone.

I’d love to pursue this interest further professionally.

Cartography & GIS

This includes most of the projects I work on in my free time. OpenStreetMap, a collaborative and freely editable map, being the biggest driving factor.

I'm a member of OSM Belgium and the OSM Foundation, and I've contributed several projects. Including plugins for JOSM - a map editor -, some specialised websites, and (at the time of writing) two Android apps.