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Temporary site to coordinate volunteer efforts during the COVID-19 crisis in Belgium.

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Kinect Mouse Tracker

Processes live Microsoft kinect data to deduce a mouse's position inside an enclosed pen. Made during my internship at NERF.

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DSpay - Digital School Pay

My high-school thesis which researches the viability and implements a prototype of a digital payment system at school.

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School assignment to make a static, accessible site.

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Esp Water Meter

OCR water usage monitoring. Consisting of an Esp with Arducam and a Python flask server running on a Raspberry pi.

Dorm Controller 9000

Hobby domotics project with a custom HTTP server running on an ESP-12E microcontroller.

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The Unnecessary Badly-Documented and Overly Complicated Esp Http-Server, at the heart of DCNT.

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This site ;)

Dynamic in more than one way, with reusable Vue.js templates and easily updated Ajax content.

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