An indoor map for android.

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Andin helps you navigate complicated buildings by providing a map of the building's floors, a 3D view of its rooms, and interactive navigation directions.

Two screenshots of the Andin android application, showing a building and a room.

This is something I had on my mind for a while; a good mobile app to view the indoor mapping data that's already available in OpenStreetMap. A big part of that is the routing engine I'm currently working on. See a sneak peek of the navgraph generation below.

Graph (points connected by lines) showing possible paths through a corridor in a building.

Beacause I created multiple parts of Andin as school assignments there are three git repositories:

The database repo contains:
Pure SQL database migrations for the PostgreSQL backend DB. That database contains the building and room data (physical rooms, not the android framework). The OpenStreetMap data processing scripts are written in Python and use shapely for topology stuff.

The API repo:
Graphql server that interacts with the PostgreSQL DB. The GraphQL library is graphql-go, the query builder is squirrel and the sql interface is sqlx.

The Android app: Uses the Jetpack and room frameworks. Written in kotlin. contact me for a preview apk.