This site ;)

Dynamic in more than one way, using Vue 3 and Fetch for its content. Did you know you can edit it?

Git repository

And I can prove it!

See that little pencil button in the bottom right of the page? Click it to open a live editor of the site's content.

But why?

Simple: I wanted the fast page transitions that come with client-side rendering.

Doesn't that make the initial page load slow?

Nope! :)
All pages are pre-rendered when I publish a new version. And I usually publish a new version anytime I updated the site content.

But wait, prerendering kinda defeats the purpose of a SPA then, right?

Well yes and no.
No because the page transitions are still measurably faster. But yes because I have to run the prerender every time I update the content. Luckily I have GitHub actions for that.