Tiny Sites

These are the odds and ends of my web development work. They are static or client-side-only websites for experiments or assignments.

OSM Contact Info Corrector

A simple webapp to update contact information on OpenStreetMap. You can view it live or browse its code on GitHub. It was built without TypeScript or a frontend framework, just plain old JS. This app's functionality has been superseded by a specific theme in MapComplete, the successor to Cyclofix.

Screenshot of the OSM Contact Info Corrector webapp, showing businesses with a
  phone icon and an input form to correct the contact information of the
  selected one.
OSM Contact Info Corrector webapp


A small assignment for the Web Development module in the second year of my bachelor’s degree, focused on accessibility and responsive design. While it's no longer online (it was hosted on the university's servers), you can still check out the code in its git repository.

Screenshot of the Trend-Friends homepage, showing a navigation menu and
introductory paragraph.
Trend-Friends homepage

Karels Cryptonator 9000

Truly the tinyist of tiny sites. It's simply a text input that allows you to search through the Dutch dictionary using a RegEx. The name is a reference to a popular word puzzle in the Belgium newspaper De Standaard. The most notable thing about this site is that it's probably one of my most used projects, receiving over 2000 clicks and a million impressions per month on Google.

Screenshot of the Karels Cryptonator
Karels Cryptonator 9000